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Andy Works IS (Not Boring) Software Inc.

Built like games, Run like apps.

It’s true; the general state of applications (app), interactivity and design has gotten quite sterile. Apple and other leading hardware/software companies have stripped things back where function trumps form always in the name of usability.

Companies like Andy Works / (Not Boring) Software Inc. are leading the pack in gamifying apps; almost like a blending of “apps” and “games” into a hybrid category where users are rewarded (as if in a game) for completing tasks like checking the weather, completing actionable tasks, etc. As they say, their com-any focuses on experiences “Built like games, Run like apps”.

Their first app of this series introduces its user(s) to a distinct visual and interactive world that translates across all apps; colour, illustration, sound, motion, etc. where its creators and collaborators sell a “theme”; think skins on Fortnite or the like. The base app is free, you can get a theme or two by “playing” around AND additional themes are paid.


From their, (Not Boring) Software Inc. have their formula and they role with it across Weather: Play The Weather, Calculator: Play With Numbers & Habits: Master A New Habit:




Credit: @BobbySolomon via Twitter