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Case Study: bitlife

Old friend of ours started a crypto-based lifestyle brand years ago (before it was “hot”… and than “cool”). They are/were “…a futurist lifestyle brand built on blockchain technology curating a space for global crypto culture to flourish – where individuals can engage with a brand that is avant-garde, ethical and transparent.”

We love all things futuristic especially when it comes to design, typography, etc.

Our first round of identity design was an exercise in eclecticism as we attempted to incorporate our clients ideas, our own ideas as well as visual representations of things like an “asset”, “fund”, “goods”, “services” as well as an incorporation of ancient Chinese philisophical elements.

Easy, right?

Descriptions for these range from Nasa, Planetary, Balance, Futurist Linear, Neon Scripts AND Alien. Whew, what a first round AND these are ONLY the single colour versions.

After a solid and adventurous first round of concepts, we began to focus on a few things: neon sign inspired text/typography (think “Blade Runner”, “Cocktail” and other 60’s / 70’s neon lit imagery), custom typography, rising sun(s) AND ancient Chinese symbols.

Using the below custom fonts, we created 2 distinct brands that seemed different enough to act independently yet could possibly work together (similar widths and unconventional characters). The script type was selected, we angled it slightly and put it in a circle.

↑ Nasa Font Design

↑ Neon Script Font Design

Along with the final brand, we added a “yin yang” style sun surrounded by 8 taoist symbols (heaven, wind, water, mountain, etc.) each relating to bitlife and it’s subsections (Philosophy, Music, Contracts, Fund, etc.)

A light neon effect combined with a futuristic neon green on black and we’ve got a happy client and great project.

Thank you bitlife and congratulations!