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Case Study: Branch Architectural Systems

An exciting and local project emerged recently from the owner and operator of Level Custom Designs in Kent Bridge, ON.

Branch Architectural Systems is a project focused design team specializing in wood fabrication. Their modular systems ensure efficient and quality installations, allowing wood focused designs to be prefabricated and easily integrated into the built environment.

They are a brand new company focused on turning plain walls into wood-based works of art using slick and modern architectural practises and processes. A rendering where said system wraps the columns of a building:

Prominent vertical lines and lovely equally spaced renderings set the scene for some tight, geometric concepts to start. First, a play on dimension and colouring.

From here, a more literal concept where we fleshed out a full “branch” typeface (super fun AND out of left field for the client).

After this playful exercise, we go back to basics; focus on the “b” and add an interesting visual element(s). Keep it simple.

A few other options to client 1 and we’ve got a solid start on things where we find a balance between cleanliness and timelessness.

Next, we carry forward 2 concepts; the “dimensional b” concept both with the b within the “branch” naming and separate:

AND the 2 variations on the linear b’s in a variety of natural and organic colours. Again, both with the b within the “branch” naming and separate.

ITC Avant Garde by Herb Lubalin oozes contemporary modern 60’s / 70’s vibes always and works like a charm here.

We decide on 1-colour hits so the “b” and the “ranch” hold together better AND ultimately decide on the vertical version where the “b” and full text “branch” hold together nicely. We’re still perfecting colour as we design and build a website for Branch Architectural Systems.

Good work for good people.

We got creative.

Michael + Ruth Ann

Michael L’Ecuyer, B.Des. & Ruth Ann Pearce, BFA

Chatham Creative Company