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Case Study: The New Farm

The New Farm grows premium quality organic vegetables for restaurants, retail stores & wholesale customers in Southern ON.

Concept 1 saw a refined version of their existing logo; cleaned up hand, pitchfork & typography.

Also added a 2-colour starburst to the background to compliment the graphic look & feel of things.

Concept 2 took the original idea of the identity and made it more graphic and minimal; gone is the shadowed “comic book” hand and 2D, pure linear everything introduced.

As we quickly moved away from “what was” to “what could/can be”, we started to think of the actual physical space of the “farm” and the “kitchen” making them characters in the proposed brand.

Once the physical spaces were captured, we could carry the illustration style over to their Cut Salad, Heirloom Potato, Rainbow Beet & Japanese Cucumber.

We got a bit wild (AND phallic!) with “branding” The New Farm’s produce. Adding support illustration to liven things up; the rainbow behind the “Rainbow” Beet AND Japan’s notorious red circle on the “Japanese” Cucumber.

So much fun, bordering on TOO much fun.

A final concept 3 balances “hand done” and vector cleanliness with a Rainbow Beet; simple pattern and clean brand(ing).

Heirloom AND modern.

The client quickly decided on the initial “refined version of their existing logo”; it was raw and hand done reflecting the tone of The New Farm perfectly.

Once we had a strong, graphic identity that worked in both positive and negative, we were off to the races and everything started working well and looking fantastic.

Combining strong core branding with bold colouring and a striking gradient starburst and we’ve got an iconic packaged product that simultaneously fits in AND sticks out at a grocery store produce aisle.

We’ve since worked with The New Farm on multiple projects, packaging updates AND a variety of posters & shirts for their “Farms For Change” event held each year.

Farms for Change is building a healthy, sustainable food system by promoting regenerative agriculture and providing fresh, premium-quality produce to low-income communities.

Every time we work with Brent and Gillian, it feels like we’re “getting the band back together” to create something fantastic.

Good work for good people.

We got creative.

Michael + Ruth Ann

Michael L’Ecuyer, B.Des. & Ruth Ann Pearce, BFA

Chatham Creative Company