Mark Maggiori (WIP)

French-American Painter

From his website: “His work brought many new opportunities, including important solo and group shows, and a significant showing at the 2017 Night of Artists at the Briscoe Western Art Museum, where he won the Sam Houston award.


He also began to expand more artistically: he started to work more in plein air, he spent time on ranches with cowboys and on horseback to acquaint himself more with the Western way of life.

He spent time in New Mexico, Arizona and Wyoming and began adding additional figures to his works and new kinds of compositions to his growing arsenal.”

The clouds! The level of detail in these oil paintings by French-American artist Mark Maggiori literally stuns me. They feel like time standing still; everything in its right place.

As a graphic designer, I’ve always admired fine artists. The patience involved and the permanence of every stroke; pushing paint, BUT at some point deciding things are done and the piece is complete.