iOS, iPadOS, Mac OS


Mela is a simple, elegant and modern recipe manager that syncs with iCloud.

For years my wife and I have been food enthusiasts. We lived in (nearly) the middle of nowhere where if you wanted a specific dish to eat, you had to scrounge up (or grow) the supplies to make said dish, learn it and make it from scratch.

This was a test in patience, skill and a stress test for our marriage!

Needless to say, we started collecting recipes; bits of paper, hand written, scans of scans of scans and so on and so fourth.

Fast forward a decade and we now have a scattered mess of a binder filled with timeless and time tested (and true) good/great eats.

I’ve been quietly pressuring Ruth Ann for years into an iOS / Mac OS / Etc. digital record of these priceless recipes just in case they get wet, set on fire, or worse with a gentle “I’ve installed App X; add a recipe when you feel like it!” BUT so far nothing has materialized.

Cue Mela (Link) from the developer of Reeder (Link). A familiar and as simple as it can and should be tool for creating, scanning, storing and organizing recipes, ingredients and the like.