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Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck 1962

Foldable Frame Sunglasses

Well crafted, timeless objects are always on my radar BUT rarely do I follow through and purchase them let alone even see them in person.

They often come along with a hefty price tag AND it’s generally difficult to convince my wife they fall in the “need to have” and not the “nice to have” category.

Monogrammed Box, Leather Case & Fabric Case

My old Rapha Classic Cycling Glasses fell apart after years of tender love, care AND also constant usage between home life, athletic life and life in general. I loved them BUT the design changed and I wanted something more classic.

As always, I started looking around for a new pair of sunglasses that struck a perfect balance of quality, price and general form & function; starting with the need, it quickly move to the want: Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck 1962 Foldable Frame Sunglasses.

Front View, Expanded

The tricky thing with glasses is portability; I try to always be wearing a pocketed shirt, button up OR jacket to at least stand a chance of always having a spot for nearly everything, BUT these sunglasses and their foldable frame are next level.

Front View, Collapsed

+1 form AND +1 function! The unique colouring, attention to detail(s) and the idea that little has changed since 1962 had me sold, BUT at USD $500.00 they were a hard no.